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Guys who once saw great success on Tinder are now getting frustrated with it. Fact is, it's still the best hook-up app; you just need to know how to compete.
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Therefore, it's wise to hold off on sex until you're sure both parties are interested and involved on the same level. Playing hot and cold is also part of the chase.

The Art Of Getting Women To Chase

This definitely keeps both parties guessing what it is that makes the other one tick and therefore engaged in the game. Playing hot and cold involves alternatively behaving as though you're very interested in and available to the other person and acting as though you don't give them a second thought.

This ambiguous and confusing behavior, when done right, can keep someone in a game of cat and mouse for an extended period of time. Be very open and flirtatious when playing hot and avoid being too distant for long periods during the cold time so you don't lose their interest all together. Molly Prather is a writer living in Los Angeles. She started writing professionally in Meet Singles in your Area!

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Accessed 18 January But then that passion turns comfortable. Six months in, one year after, you are still very much together. You end up second-guessing each other. Passion and romance have turned comfortable and boring, and there are times you feel you are being taken for granted.

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There are times you feel he is slipping away. Are you afraid that this relationship is soon going to be part of your long-winded history of exes? There's a way to fix things. What you might be experiencing is just that — romance gone comfortable.

Top 10: Ways To Make Women Chase You

There are ways to make him stay on top of his game and be the alpha male you first became attracted to. They love pursuing you, and they love the challenge and tension pursuing you brings. You can even compare the chase to a game. Games are beneficial in a relationship when they are done in the spirit of love and fun. I have come up with these methods to ensure you get to maintain the chase in the relationship.

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Long-term relationships and even marriage are what many women hope for, and knowing how to maintain the chase is essential to keep the romance and passion alive and blooming long after the thrill of being in love dies down. The first thing you need to maintain the chase is to stop chasing him. How can your man chase you, if you are the one chasing him? This means you need to hold back a little. This simply means you need to let him be the first one to contact you for a change — whether it be a simple text or a phone call.

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Actually, familiarity breeds boredom. You need to maintain an air of mystery around your man. Make it seem like he knows you, yet surprise him with another facet of your personality that takes him aback.

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It should still give you a sense of excitement knowing you will be meeting your partner for dinner, for example. Giving each other space also gives both of you room to grow and improve, and most importantly, discover new things about yourself. How will you maintain the newness of your relationship when the versions of yourselves are the same old ones you had when you got to know each other?

A relationship needs commitment for it to work. But your first commitment should be to yourself, feminine woman! Remember the life you led before he came into the picture?